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AMCAL Family Services operates an umbrella of programs all focused on improving family dynamics, parent-child relations, and challenges in school. Our team is here to help, whatever your unique circumstances or challenges may be. 

Our Programs

Therapeutic services

We provide dedicated support, guidance, and practical solutions for families facing diverse challenges, aiming to help them recognize strengths and implement strategies to prevent the escalation of more serious problems.


We empower parents and teens through our residence program, providing fresh perspectives, support, and guidance to help them recognize and leverage their expertise within their own families.

supervised visitation program

We provide families with a secure space to exercise their access rights, guided by trained supervisors who observe and document interactions, enabling visitors to demonstrate their ability to cooperate.

Community Outreach

We are dedicated to building strong connections between families and their communities. Our workshops and support services are designed to empower families, promote collaboration, and build resiliency.

Additional Services

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Social Media Posts (3).png

In addition to our regular programs, we extend a helping hand through our range of additional services tailored for those in need. Whether it's extra support, specialized assistance, or a personalized touch, we're here to empower any individual on their journey.

Throughout my journey at AMCAL, I grew into a different person, a better person. I still use the tips I learned at AMCAL and I know I will for my whole life. I wish every teen going through what I was going through could have the same experience I had. Thank you AMCAL for helping me to make the change my life needed.

Family counselling client


7 Avenue Ste Anne

Pointe-Claire, QC H9S 4P6




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