Parental Counselling

Parental Counselling: to increase parenting capacity... 


This ten session program is designed for parents/guardians who want to work their way towards a united front when it comes to parenting their children/teens/emerging adults.  

The goal of the program is to support the parents/guardians in developing a long-term plan that will effectively address issues identified by both the parents/guardians. The program will focus on:

  • How the information gathered in the genogram brings light to patterns in the individuals upbringing that can impact the choices they are making in their relationship and by extension their parenting.
  • Establishing how these patterns impact the family relationships and relationships with the children.
  • Articulating a sense of direction, and highlighting skills to assist the parents/guardians in the way forward
  • Establishing a new equilibrium in the parents/guardians relationship. 


For more information about this program contact:
Jeff Andrews:  514-694-3161 ext. 222 or email:

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