AMCAL is the place where we learn how to live our lives. The whole AMCAL team is always ready to support us. When I started to come to AMCAL I had two kids and I was alone… my home Country is Pakistan so I have no family in Canada. My only support in Canada was AMCAL….especially Diane. AMCAL taught me lots of things… such as how to take care of my children, how to complete my education and how to create and keep a budget. The children and I visit “Our Place” three times a week. We eat there, our kids play with toys, enjoy music, learn how to paint and do arts and crafts and the children are taught social skills.

For me, AMCAL is my family. They are always ready to support me. I trust them. Whenever I feel depressed, I share my feelings with Diane. She always gives me good advice. I am very thankful to God for giving us the very helpful organization AMCAL.

- Mom with two children

I learned a lot while being at AMCAL. AMCAL is there to support you with your problems. Don’t get me wrong…you have to work hard when you’re in the program! At AMCAL you can express how you feel and I liked that. I learned so many lessons. I was ready to change. I was ready to do what I needed to do. The AMCAL program worked for me…because I made it work. I changed many behaviors and now I feel a lot better. I get along better with my parents; I talk to them more than I used to. I am way more behaved with my parents. I feel more secure inside of me. I used to always feel sorry for myself all the time, but now I have changed. I now know how to handle my anger and how to deal with it. I also don’t do drugs anymore. For all these things, I thank AMCAL. I thank them for their support and their help in getting me to achieve my goals. I feel so much better now. I am happier inside.

- 15 year old teen

When my son was two years old, he was taken by Youth Protection.  I was petrified.  I was lost.  I will never forget that day. Then I learned about AMCAL.  AMCAL was the place I was to see my son for Supervised Visits. When I went there, I met professional people…people who cared about me and my situation.  They reassured me and didn’t judge me as so many others had.  I so desperately needed to feel like someone was “with me”, and AMCAL did just that.  From that day, I have been a client of AMCAL.  I come to see my son every week at AMCAL, and the supervisors have always treated me with respect.  AMCAL was there to help me in my worst situation, and I will never forget that.  I found support at AMCAL.  They were there for me.

- Mom using the services

I attribute many of the personal and professional goals that I have achieved to the help that I received at AMCAL. The incredible team at AMCAL helped me to identify my mistakes on a much deeper level and provided me with the necessary tools not only to change the situation that I was in, but to move forward in a positive direction as well. More than that, the care and guidance certainly did not end once I had completed the program. I have turned to AMCAL during many difficult times and I have been welcomed at every step! I am so grateful for all of the support that the staff at AMCAL continue to provide to me, as well as to many others.

Throughout my journey at AMCAL, I grew into a different person, a better person. I still use the tips I learned at AMCAL and I know I will for my whole life. I wish every teen going through what I was going through could have the same experience I had. Thank you AMCAL for helping me to make the change my life needed.

I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to you and your staff for your cooperation, help and compassion. I am sure dealing with situations such as mine is never easy and your staff shone by their professionalism and passion for their work.

Wow….where do I begin? Our Place has changed me….they welcomed me with open arms…they helped teach me things I didn’t previously know and helped me gain skills.  Our Place directed me to a counselor from the CLSC and proper doctors for my disability.  I would not have been able to cope with any of this if I had not stepped through the doors that helped mold the person I am today.  Thanks to Our Place, I am stronger and wiser than ever before…