Community Groups

Helping families work better together

1. Emotional management

AMCAL was extremely excited to implement a new Anger Management and Conflict Resolution program – now called Emotional Management. After a lot of feedback and new trends that we have been seeing in youth, it was clear that we needed to expand the reach of this program to not only focus on anger but to broaden the focus on all emotions. The newly revised Emotional Management program is still an eight-week program for adolescents aged 12 to 17 years. This program aims to assist adolescents in developing and maintaining positive relationships with others as well as using effective coping strategies when dealing with difficult situations. The program helps adolescents identify their different emotions, and how they are currently playing a role in their lives and relationships with others. It is a fee-based program offered to the community and High Schools from September to July.

2. Parenting in the 21st Century:

AMCAL offers workshops designed to provide tips, tools, & mutual support to parents of children from pre-schoolers to late teens. Each workshop consists of four sessions of information & discussion focussed on concrete skills such as: setting boundaries; being consistent; & contracting about household roles, rules & expectations. Some new topics suggested for upcoming workshops: parenting from separate households; values & parenting. Do you have an idea about a topic we should cover? Contact us!


For more information about these programs, contact:

Jeff Andrews: 514-694-3161 ext. 222 or email:

Others programs

Parental Counselling

A short-term program that address parenting goals and explored challenges that may be present and how to best address them as a parental unit. For new parents, co-parents, single parents, couples and guardians.

Emerging Adults Family Counselling

A short-term program using the strength of families to guide them through the transition from adolescence to adulthood. For families with young adults aged 18-30 living in the family home.

Residential program

The first step in a new direction... A unique, supportive and structured program that includes family counselling and respite care for adolescents facing challenges. For youths aged 12-17 and their families.

Outreach Family Counselling

A short-term program to address issues of family dynamics and identify family strengths and solutions. For youths aged 7-17 and their families.

Supervised Visitation Program

A safe and neutral place…Provides a supportive and supervised setting that allows the strengthening of the parent-child relationship.

School Based Programs

An ounce of prevention... A classroom program which offers tools for schools and students to build social skills, positive character traits and peaceful solutions to problems. For elementary school children.