Your Donation @ Work

Amcal Family Services is a non-profit community-based agency which has offered services to help parents and children in difficulty for over 30 years.

The operating budget of Amcal Family Services is supported by a small grant from the Ministry of Health and Social Services; this amount represents less than 1/3 of the total budget. Amcal's numerous programs and services are offered to families in difficulty and subsidized through a generous grant from West Island Community Shares, fees-for-services on a sliding scale, contracts with other community agencies, and fundraising events.

Amcal strives to offer accessible, innovative and professionally-staffed programs to respond to the needs of the community. For more than thirty years, Amcal has enjoyed a reputation for integrity and dependability. If you would like to support the work of this unique community agency, please make your donation using the attached form.

Your donation helps us promote and preserve healthy family relationships through:

  • a unique Residential Program of respite care and resources for families and teens facing challenges
  • Outreach Family Counselling, short-term preventative programs to support parents, children & emerging adults
  • School-based Programs to help home & school work better together
  • Supervised Visitation Programs to strengthen parent-child relationships in families dealing with custody and visitation issues
  • Community Groups designed to help: teens cope with emotions & problems (Anger Management & Conflict Resolution Program); parents develop concrete parenting skills (Parenting in the 21st Century).
  • At risk young parents build parenting skills and strengths (Our Place)

Your help matters. Thank you for making an investment in healthy families and communities.

For more information about Amcal Family Services, or to contact us:
Telephone: 514-694-3161
Fax: 514-694-1109